PKGO Stories

The diversity of Poughkeepsie is one of the city’s greatest assets. It also means there’s a wide range of stories and experiences occurring every day. Storytelling has the power to forge connections across different backgrounds and bring communities together.  Some people’s stories are filled with history and memories, some celebrate the present, and others are focused on the future. We want to hear them all. What’s your story?

Share Your Story

Tell us your story in 750 words or less telling us a story about:
what Poughkeepsie means to you
what you love about the city
an experience you’ve had here
your history or your family’s history in Poughkeepsie
or anything else that is notable about Poughkeepsie

Submit it along with an appropriate photo by filling out the form below.
Can people from outside the City of Poughkeepsie submit a story? Yes, but it must be about Poughkeepsie to qualify. Does it have to be all good news? While we know not every story may start happily, we are looking for the good news stories about Poughkeepsie.

    Feature Friday

    The City of Poughkeepsie is powered by the po(ugh)tential of its citizenry. PKGO Getters are those Poughkeepsie residents, partners, and businesses who are out there being their best selves, making small changes with big impacts to improve our community. Every Friday we give a shoutout to those who are helping to make our city great. Check out some of our past Feature Fridays!

    Submit a Feature

    Every week we will feature a community member, business or non-profit organization that is truly making a difference for us here in the City of Poughkeepsie community. Know a PKGO Getter that should be featured on our Instagram? Fill out the form below and tell us how they are helping to make our city great and why they should be added to our list of GO Getters! Be sure to include an appropriate picture with your submission to be included in the post.