The Travis brothers, Ray and Scott, were born in Vassar Hospital in the 1970s. The Travis family roots go back four generations in Poughkeepsie, NY. Their career path was forged at a very young age as both boys helped their father in construction, learning the business from the ground up. In fact, they did not get their allowance until they submitted an invoice to their father detailing their accomplishments for the week! Each brother has 2 sons so looks like the tradition will continue long into the future. It was surely destiny that as adults they would become instrumental in revitalizing their birthplace. They hope to pass this love of building to their sons.

Ray was the first to join Nick DeLuccia at Mid Hudson Construction Management (MHCM). Nick has developed several properties in Poughkeepsie including 141 North Water Street and is the owner of Nic L Inn Cellar Market & Bistro, also on North Water Street. In time, Ray lured Scott to join the team at MHCM. Today, Scott and Ray are the owners of Mid-Hudson Construction Management. They focus on their passion – breathing new life and highlighting the strengths of Poughkeepsie, a historic Hudson River city that is poised for renewed success.

MHCM is a well-respected commercial, industrial, and residential construction firm, adept at all aspects of building, project management and execution, bolstered by core values of honesty, integrity, and respect for the individual, the team, and the community. The company’s projects frequently emerge from repeat customers, client referrals, architects, engineers, developers, and word of mouth. Scott Travis explains this phenomenon: “We do everything to keep our clients happy so the next time they have a project, there’s no question, they come to us.”

After Helping to Restore Spaces in the Poughkeepsie Journal Building, MHCM Moved In

In March of 2020, Mid Hudson Construction Management relocated their offices into the historic Poughkeepsie Journal building, a beautiful fieldstone edifice built in 1941 in the Colonial Revival style.

Moving into the Poughkeepsie Journal building held great significance for both Travis brothers. They have loved the building since they were young and relish the fact that each day, they walk past murals commissioned by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. They have also arrived among building tenants that they know well, since MHCM did the fit up for new spaces for firms including Wallace & Wallace Law, Dutchess County Youth Bureau, Central Hudson, and Gannett. For Central Hudson, a substantial portion of the building’s third floor underwent an extensive transformation to accommodate 100 employees in a unique and creative use of space and materials along with repair and restoration of the building’s roof
and parapets.

In addition to the Poughkeepsie Journal building, MHCM is currently working on 766 Main Street in Poughkeepsie, a circa 1900s firehouse, that was in use for over a century but now it will be rejuvenated with new commercial space on the ground floor and beautiful loft apartments upstairs. 303 Mill St is another project of which they are proud of since it helps the Children’s Home of Poughkeepsie. We are outfitting a new office space for the Children’s Home. In fiscal year 2019, the Home served approximately 275 children ranging in age from newborn to twenty years old, together with their families. Says Scott Travis,” We hope this new office space will enable the wonderful Children’s Home of Poughkeepsie to expand their services to our community.”