My family has lived in Poughkeepsie since the early 1800s, so I have an affinity for this city. As a boy, I remember watching parades along Main and Market Streets, enjoying fireworks on College Hill, going shopping with my parents on a bustling Main Street on Tuesday and Thursday nights. I’m proud to say I graduated from the city’s public schools and served two terms on the Board of Education. I still live in the City and see a rejuvenation of spirit, a cultural and physical renaissance that will help Poughkeepsie regain its stature as the Queen City of the Hudson.

My employer, Health Quest, is doing its part to move Poughkeepsie forward. In two years, a new Vassar Brothers Medical Center will open its doors to serve residents of the City, County and Hudson Valley. It’s the largest construction project, in terms of size and investment, in Poughkeepsie’s history, and to me, it’s a legacy project that will positively impact friends, neighbors and the entire community for decades to come.

In early 2020, when people enter the City from the south on Route 9, and see this incredible new healthcare facility, they’ll say, “Wow!” People moving to an area or expanding a business and bringing in new employees want to know they have the best healthcare available anywhere. We believe we provide that now, but our commitment to health and well-being will truly be exemplified by this 752,000-sq-ft. facility.

With development along the riverfront, entrepreneurs opening new stores and restaurants, residents investing in their homes and improvements to the City’s infrastructure, we have every right to be enthusiastic about Poughkeepsie’s future.

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