Poughkeepsie is the star of a new video marketing initiative from Think Dutchess Alliance for Business. The video, filmed in and around Poughkeepsie by Jenko Kent of Stage 6 Media, is designed to highlight the young talent that both lives and works in the city and who are playing a central role in the city’s revitalization.

“Dutchess County will always be one of New York’s premier outlets for creative minds, intelligent businesspeople and disruptive influencers. We are excited to highlight the amenities in a city like Poughkeepsie where access to cultural, recreational and lifestyle activities live in harmony with opportunity and access to jobs” says Sarah Lee, CEO of Think Dutchess. “Thanks to our proximity to New York City and comparable affordability, newcomers and residents alike are harnessing the potential of the city and creating exciting changes. We are excited to be able to create a piece, with young talent Stage 6 Media, which speaks to the transformation and possibility of this city on the move.”

Think Dutchess expresses their gratitude to the businesses and organizations that were involved or can be viewed in the video including:

The Bardavon 1869 Opera House
Mill House Brewing
Oakwood Commons
Tinkelman Architecture
Walkway Over the Hudson