Many of you likely need no introduction to this week’s Friday Feature duo. Lovingly referred to as “the Recycling Bros,” brothers Chip and Paul are a mainstay on Poughkeepsie streets and around City Hall as the smiling (albeit now masked) faces of Poughkeepsie’s sanitation crew. Born and raised in the City of Poughkeepsie with a long family legacy of working for the city’s sanitation department, Paul and Chip have worked for the city for 32 and 40 years, respectively. They’ve seen a lot of changes in the city over the years, but one thing they say remains constant is the pride that many residents show for the community.

When asked what they love most about the job, Paul and Chip launched animatedly into stories of the personal notes and support they get from residents when running their routes. They also enjoy winning over neighborhood dogs by dolling out treats that are kept on hand in the truck. When asked what information they would like to share with the community, the brothers, true to their name, wanted to convey their appreciation for residents who put in the effort to recycle since recycling is good for the environment and saves money. Disposal of trash costs the City $79/ton while recyclables cost the city $0.

The brothers also put an emphasis on education and would love to see a campaign in the schools since “you really have to teach it at a young age.” Next time you see these exemplary public servants driving down your street, feel free to give them a smile and a wave – you’re sure to get one in return.
Information on recycling rules and pick up schedules and be found HERE