It’s Feature Friday, and this week we want to give a shout out to Peter Newman, owner of Newman’s Nosh Deli & Cafe and Noshi’s Coney Island Dogs! While Peter is originally from Massachusetts, he has had no problem finding his place here in Poughkeepsie. Being in the food industry since he was 15 years old came in handy when he and his family settled in New York and had the opportunity to take over at Noshi’s Coney Island Dogs, an already family run business. From catering, to executive chef, to the corporate side of the food industry, Peter had the opportunity to learn and grow throughout the food industry. 

About two years after taking over at Noshi’s, Peter and his wife Kristi decided they were ready to open another family run business, and in February of 2018, Newman’s Nosh Deli & Cafe opened. When asked to describe his deli, Peter said, “ It’s not your typical Italian or Jewish deli, and it’s not a bodega either. I like to call it a community deli.” It is clear that community is important to Peter and Kristi, especially when they were looking for where Newman’s would be located. They didn’t want to be near the ‘mecca’ of route 9; instead, they wanted to be in a spot people could walk to, or pop in on their way to work, making the old firehouse on Hooker Avenue the perfect spot. 

Peter has a real passion for food, so he is always trying new things, creating new dishes inspired by his travels, and offering a real variety for his customers to choose from. Some crowd favorite dishes include the Fireman’s breakfast frittata, his signature chicken salad, and parfaits made to order. But his love of food doesn’t stop when his restaurants close for the day, he is also a very active member of the community. From Noshi’s on the Road (their mobile hot dog stand, that you can find at a lot of local events), to donating food to local pantries, to making and serving meals at the homeless shelter, Peter, Kristi, and their family have found many ways to serve our community. They have even given their customers a way to get involved with “Give A Nosh”, where customers can donate $5 to sponsor a meal for someone in need. 

We couldn’t be more excited to have Peter and his family, and their businesses as a part of our city! Make sure you stop in to the Noshi’s or Newman’s soon and try one of their delicious dishes!

Noshi’s Coney Island Dogs: 803 Main St

Newman’s Nosh Deli: 200 Hooker Ave